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Happy Chinese New Year ! What is Chinese New Year 's animal sign and element? Chakra Test — Dominant chakra test, Unbalanced chakras calculator. Auspicious wedding dates January 1, is the start of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. The first day of the Year of the Metal Rat Also called the Blue Dragon Festival, it is celebrated on the first day of the second month of the Chinese calendar. Also known as the National Tree Planting Day, it is a day of awareness and concrete action for the welfare of the planet.

Also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, it is held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, just before the Summer solstice. The Spirit Festival or Ghost Day is traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth night of the seventh month of the Chinese calendar. Also called the Moon Festival, the festival is held on the fifteenth day of the eight month of the Chinese lunar calendar, during full moon time at night. The Moon Festival holiday is a recent national holiday period of 7 days, implemented by the Chinese government since Is there a reason why? Others think that this is a myth.

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Several scientific studies have not been able to prove the correlation. That said, we always welcome all perspectives and your thoughts on the matter. Ask any Nurse or Doctor that works in Labor and Delivery they will tell you, yes more babies are born during the new and full moons. Please solve the debate with my son - as the descriptions appear inconsistent Great question! New Moon--named so because in this case it is the start of the lunar cycle; we can see no surface illumination from our position on Earth. Because you are very healthy. That is a good sign you are synched up with nature and your body.

Always minimize any artificial lights at night, esp when sleeping and recognize you may be very naturally fertile.. Is it possible to predict when the moon is due south based for inland areas on the times for high tides correspondingly; since high and low tides for best fishing times are set by coastal times of high and low times only?

I'm not sure I understand your question, but if you are looking for how to find out when the Moon is due south, I believe that you need to find the Moon's azimuth when it is degrees East of North. Just select "Moon" and put in your location, and it will give you the azimuth in intervals that you've selected for one day.

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As to the relationship between the tides and when the Moon is due South, it is a general guideline that when the Moon is due South, there will be the time of high tide in coastal locations. Keep in mind that different coastal locations, due to the layout of the coast etc, may experience 1 or 2 high tides, and if 2, some places will have 1 very high tide and 1 not-as-high tide, while others have about equal high tides.

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So, the "high tide occurs when the Moon is due South" is a very general guideline. The Moon's position plays a large role, but so does Earth's topography etc. Hope this helps! Skip to main content.

Look for November's Full Beaver Moon! By The Editors. November 8, What do you want to read next? Full Moon for March November Night Sky Guide. Full Moon for December Night Sky for November Full Moon for February You may even have to stop playing the game to collect the prize. Can you control yourself?

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Is it worth it to you? Capricorn : Your prayers are answered. Your heart is filled. Your life is stretching rich and colorful before you, like the proverbial red carpet. Can you accept success? Can you walk the carpet like you own it? Sometimes dreams do come true. Enjoy your cup running over. Aquarius : First, last and always comes the truth. You love the truth as you love to breathe — almost unknowingly. Cut your partner some slack Monday. Pisces : You like the talk.

You know the vocabulary. Are you ready to take up your burden and walk the walk? Call in all your favors to get what you need. How can you develop that which you hope to become in light of the baggage behind you, yet part of you? How can you not understand that the present is the key? Reflect steadily. Is it time to give the story a new ending? Does it need a fresh middle? Could it do with a different beginning? Taurus : What if you had the power to control how you earned, what you liked, where you lived and whether you were happy?

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What if you gave up on struggling and went with determination? Gemini : You still can, if you really want to. Are you brave enough to look? Can you change your mind? Can you let go of your binky long enough to find out what it would be like to shed your security and let life lead you by the hand? Dine out with an old crony on Friday to find out more. Leo : Lift up your eyes to the hills. You will find solace in their majesty.

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Stare into the depths of the desert. There you will see peace in the struggle for existence. Drift into reverie as you gaze into the ocean. The message there is the timelessness of all passion and action.