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They are gifted people, they have high creative potential. Rat-Aquarius are special people living in a world of dreams and fantasies, they are attracted by the world of art. Aquarius-Rat is absolutely devoid of mercantile spirit, ready to sacrifice own interests for the sake of close people. This is a tremendous friend, his devotion can not be doubted.

It has a cheerful character, a passion for adventure, and often finds itself in dubious stories. At the same time it may well fall into depression because of problems at work or in private life. He does not like to share his feelings and doubts, often even the closest people do not know him well. Aquarius-Rat is full of contradictions, impulsive and unstable in its preferences. Fortunately, the period of suffering does not last too long, he knows how to endure trouble. Still, this is a great optimist and clever.

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Aquarius-Rat even in the most difficult moments of life do not lose the presence of the spirit. Full of energy, enthusiastically take up every opportunity to realize their secret desires. Rat-Aquarius is extremely hardworking, literally live in the workplace, if you are very keen on your business. True, the tendency to change does not allow them to sit in one place.

Instantly addicted to new ideas and with all the ardor of their rebellious soul immediately undertake to implement it. Especially, the Aquarius-Rat work not for the sake of money, but simply go for their dreams. Absolutely indifferent to material goods, for them the greatest value in the world is human relations. Too fond of life, to spend it on empty chores.

People around surprise the antics of Aquarius-Rat, because he behaves like a big child. He likes to fantasize about a variety of topics, not only thinks up, but also talently tells fascinating stories. There are always a lot of children around this amazing person. From the Aquarius-Rat could get a good teacher, but he often lacks patience and endurance. Too independent and inconstant character does not allow him to concentrate on one thing. Does not feel the need to give advice, read moral teachings. If you've wanted to take a class in astrology, science, or computers, it's time to sign up.

If you're already taking such a class, expect a fascinating, stimulating discussion in connection with it. Make sure you take notes, as you won't want to forget this information as soon as you hear it. Love Potential Oracle. Customer's Rating:. Past Present Future. Animal Love Match.

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Use this reading to find the way to a positive outcome! This will sound pompous but both were judgmental, condescending, emotionless robots with basic tastes.

Very politically correct too. I know two people don't represent the entire sign, but man did those two make a really bad impression of this combo. Jane Thanks. You just described me.

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You should write a book. Hahahel 40 0ut of 50 when paired with a libra fire dragon - not bad Bonnie. Ben my wife is pisces Snake so yeah not too bad.

Jack Being a Sagittarius Water Monkey these 2 signs together would fit my personality perfectly I hope I'm able to find a amazing women like this someday. I'm just wondering since I'd like to know mine. Thank you. Marcy This depicts my personality traits very well.

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My ascendant is Sagittarius so Sagittarius Goat and Rabbit are true for me too. I believe Sun, Moon and Rising signs can be paired with the animal year of someone's birth and their rising animal sign too. If you don't know how to find yours look for Theodora Lau's book. Or simply remember that the hours of the Rat are from 11pm to 1am, hours of Ox are from 1am to 3am etc so it's easy to work out without buying the book.

For example, I was born at am which is just about within the hours of the Tiger, however I know that's not right so I must be Rabbit Rising! Hope my observations are useful. Mike Aquarius fire rabbit female is it compatible with Cancer wood ox male? JD This is insane, I am an Aquarius Rabbit and this is the best personality description I have ever seen for myself. Not one part of this is false. I also have checked other family members and it is pretty spot on as well. What a wonderful tool to use in life.